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    Jul '20

    Richard and Kevin Go Drinking

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    Our Apex field leaders are certainly well versed in wildlife and natural history. But there is at least one other subject with which they have good reason to be familiar: drinking! We thought it was time to tap into (so to speak) this other vein of hard-won expertise. Thus we’ve been asking our staff to tell us on-camera about their favorite adult beverage. Today we have two far-flung regional specialties: a wine from southernmost Africa, presented by Richard Visser, followed by a beer from the Far North, exhibited by Kevin Clement. Cheers!

4 Comments on Richard and Kevin Go Drinking

    Pam and Don Mitchell says:

    Alaskan Amber if one of our favorite beers – indeed just had some last night with our fresh Alaskan salmon. But we have never known the history of the brewery.

    Patti says:

    Fascinating stories. Thanks so much. Enjoy imbibing!!!

    Ronald A. Enlow says:

    Two great stories! Cheers to you both. 🙂

    Duke says:

    So awesome, guys! Of course, it’d be better if I could actually cheers you in person and begrudgingly let you buy the next round. 🙂

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