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    Jun '20

    What is Diogo Up To Now?

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    Loyal readers of Apex@Home may have noticed something missing from our pages up till now…or rather, someone: Diogo Lucatelli, our man in Brazil. It turns out that when his country went into lockdown, he was stranded in a remote part of the Pantanal, a place from which communication with the outside world isn’t easy. But now we can report that Diogo has made it home, with an interesting story to tell—and some impressive footage of that isolated wildlife sanctuary.

4 Comments on What is Diogo Up To Now?

    Patti Malloy says:

    That was a great few minutes in Brazil. Thank you Diogo. Excellent photography!! How wonderful to share it with the children.

    George Reich says:

    Great thanks for sharing. On my bucket list of places to see.

    Barbie Gibson says:

    Love the video – sharp images. Keep them coming. Thanks for sharing.

    Gary Krosin says:

    Well done my friend! I felt like I was back in your ZIP code during the show…

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