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    Apr '20
    Bad Bird Photo 1 - Bearded Vulture aka Lammergeier. This bird can be seen in Northern Africa to Southern Europe and Central Asia.
    Bad Bird Photo 2 - House Sparrow. This bird is native to most of Eurasia.
    Bad Bird Photo 3 - Black-collared Hawk. This bird can be seen in South America.
    Bad Bird Photo 4 - Northern Gannet. This bird can be seen in the North Atlantic.
    Bad Bird Photo 5 - Red-crested Cardinal. This bird can be found in South America.
    Bad Bird Photo 6 - Slaty-backed Gull or Black-tailed Gull (either answer accepted). This bird can be found in the Kuril Islands.
    Bad Bird Photo 7 - Golden-winged Cacique. This bird can be seen in South America.

    Bad Bird Photos | Contest 3

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    We have a winner!

    Congratulations to Bea Heise for correctly identifying six of the seven Bad Bird Photos as judged by our committee of Bad Bird Photographers. The correct answers are:

    1) Bearded Vulture aka Lammergeier
    2) House Sparrow
    3) Black-collared Hawk
    4) Northern Gannet 
    5) Red-crested Cardinal
    6) Slaty-backed Gull or Black-tailed Gull (either answer accepted)
    7) Golden-winged Cacique

    The Bad Bird Photo Contest

    Has anyone out there ever taken a photo of a bird that came out badly? Out of focus, poorly lit, subject at a weird angle? No? Well, neither have we. Okay, we’re lying. Of course we have. Lots. That’s what that Delete button on the camera is for. But we have gone through our files to find a few that have escaped that ignominious fate, at least for now. Why? Because they afford an interesting test of any birder’s identification skills.

    So, that’s the challenge for this week’s contest: identify as many of these Bad Bird Photos as you can. If you can’t nail the exact species, then name the family. The winner, who will walk away with a lavish prize, will be he or she who gets the most correct or near-correct answers, as judged by our panel of expert bad bird photographers. Some of these pictures are so bad, they won’t be easy. So by way of a hint, we’re providing the country or region in which that species is found. (Note: these photos are uncredited…because that’s the way the photographers wanted it.)

    Just leave your response in the comments below with your answers. We won’t publish any of the comments until it’s time to select the winner, so don’t worry. No one will see your answers except the Apex team. We’ll announce the winner and publish all the comments on Friday, May 1. Should more than one person respond with the correct answers, we’ll select the first person to have done so as the winner. So don’t delay. 

    Good luck to everyone!



5 Comments on Bad Bird Photos | Contest 3

    Alan Weiss says:

    Haha that’s funny. Puts a smile on my face. Thanks

    Josette Arassus says:

    Photo 1 – Lammergeier
    Photo 2 – Bunting sp.
    Photo 3 – Brahminy kite
    Photo 4 – Gannet
    Phot 5 – Red-crested cardinal
    Photo 6 – Slaty-backed gull
    Photo 7 – Golden-winged cacique

    George Reich says:

    1. Black- collared hawk, Accipitridae
    2 Eurasian tree sparrow, Passeridae
    3 Black-collared Hawk, Busarellus nigricollis – Accipitridae
    4. Northern Gannet, Sulidae
    5. Araripe Manakin, pipridae
    6. Slaty- Backed Gull, Charadriiformes
    7. Yellow-winged blackbird, Icteridae

    Laurence Green says:

    1. Lammergeier
    2. Eurasian tree sparrow
    3. Black-collared hawk
    4. Northern gannet
    5. Red-crested cardinal
    6. Black-tailed gull
    7. Epaulet oriole

    Really bad photos- some could have been mine.

    Bea Heise says:

    This is so funny! But I’ve seen lots worse! You should see some of mine!

    Here are my answers. I’m going out on a limb(!) and going for species not family – probably wrong but its fun.

    Bad Bird 1: Lammergeier
    Bad Bird 2: Chaffinch
    Bad Bird 3: Black-collared Hawk
    Bad Bird 4: Northern Gannet
    Bad Bird 5: Red-crested Cardinal
    Bad Bird 6: Black-Tailed Gull
    Bad Bird 7: Golden-winged Cacique

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