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    Sep '20

    Backstage with Peter & Shirley

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    Many people have only recently had their first experience with communicating via an online platform such as “Zoom.” One of these is Peter Harrison…but in his case, the stakes were high. He was lecturing to thousands of people as the much-anticipated keynote speaker of the Birdlife South Africa Bird Fair. Many of you watched his performance live; now you can go behind the scenes into his DIY home studio. As the clock ticks down to showtime, the tension rises…and Shirley is there with her camera to capture it all.

    And if you missed Peter’s stellar presentation on the albatrosses of the world, “Ocean Nomads,” you can still watch the recorded version by clicking here.



2 Comments on Backstage with Peter & Shirley

    Barbie Gibson says:

    That was awesome! Enjoyed listening to Peter anytime. Keep up the good work.

    Patti Malloy says:

    Peter fantastic!!!! I remember Tim always saying that it is so important to get your heart pumping before a “performance”. You did not look nervous in the least: quite evident you enjoyed every moment.
    I couldn’t make the actual presentation so am thrilled for the recording. Thank you so much. Absolutely anxious to get traveling again with Apex. Hope to see you and Shirley soon.

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