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    Apr '20

    Apex Sings Happy Birthday to Shirley

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    On Thursday, we gathered together the Apex team from around the world—Alaska, Belgium, California, South Africa, and Washington—for our first Zoom Happy Hour. It was a hoot! And as you might expect, a good time was had by all. You won’t want to miss our harmonious rendition of “Happy Birthday” to our very own, Shirley Metz.

5 Comments on Apex Sings Happy Birthday to Shirley

    Julie Macrae says:

    Happy Birthday, Shirley from Doug & Julie
    Funny birthday video from the staff 🙂

    Alexandra Perle says:

    Happy Birthday, Shirley! Happy Year!

    Alan Weiss says:

    Well done
    Happy birthday Shirley

    George Reich and Albert Chiang says:

    Hi. Happy belated birthday Shirley. Thought about you the other day when we went down to Dana Point and saw the Hobie store. Dana Point has sure changed in the last few years. Next clip is to see how Peter smokes salmon.

    Ludmilla Wightman says:

    Happy Birthday, Shirley! We last travelled together to the Canaries and Azores in 2012! I saw yesterday my first canary (Yellow), escapee no doubt, in Princeton. Slow birding this last year
    Ludmilla Wightman

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