Zimbabwe wildlife safaris image of male Lion

Zimbabwe & Zambia

Explore the region’s great life-giving rivers—the Luangwa and Zambezi—in parks known for their raw, remote wilderness.

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Travel to Argentina photo of Broad-snouted Caiman

Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay

Explore countries brimming with wildlife and cultural monuments in the heart of South America.

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Brazil tours slide showing reclined jaguar


Discover the wildlife treasures of Brazil’s Amazon Basin and southern Pantanal wetlands.

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Spain wildlife tour slide featuring an Iberian Wolf

Spain's Wilderness

Search for the rare Iberian Lynx and explore remote regions where the Iberian Wolf still runs wild.


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South Georgia cruise slide of a king penguin colony

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands

Witness the abundant wildlife and captivating beauty of one of Earth's last true wilderness areas.


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Salt flats Bolivia photo of sky mirror


Discover dramatic landscapes from wildlife-rich Amazon lowlands to the shimmering-white salt flats in Uyuni.

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Russia Franz Josef Land photo of Polar Bear with cubs

Franz Josef Land

This vast frozen wilderness offers some of the best Polar Bear, Walrus and whale viewing on Earth.

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Join Us on Safari this August in Zimbabwe & Zambia

See grasslands and riverbanks teeming with wildlife on this 13-day journey to Zimbabwe and Zambia. Encounter great herds of giraffe, elephant, buffalo and antelope, and hundreds of bird species, traveling by boat, 4x4 and on foot. Visit Hwange, with one of the world's largest elephant populations, and South Luangwa, home to Africa's densest Leopard population.

Surprises and Serendipity on South Georgia Island

Naturalist and expedition team member, Kevin Clement, describes a most extraordinary day on South Georgia Island. The day began with a stellar morning at Gold Harbour, the beach thronged with southern elephant and Antarctic fur seals, and framed by an exquisite rainbow arcing over the colony of 36,000 King Penguins.

Featured Video: Jaguar Encounter in Brazil

This Jaguar encounter was filmed at Caiman Ecological Refuge in the southern Pantanal wetlands of Brazil. Apex travelers observed two female Jaguars lounging at the edge of a pond in the late afternoon, occasionally coming down for a drink and eventually immersing themselves completely to cool off!