Congo & Rwanda

Western Lowland Gorillas in the Congo are at the forefront of this incredible primate-focused expedition.

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Track Desert-adapted Elephant within the breathtaking rockscapes of Damaraland.

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An overwhelming richness of birdlife greets us in Ecuador, the Stripe-billed Aracari among the many highlights.

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Snow Leopard Quest

The Himalayas are a stunning backdrop to our search for the elusive Snow Leopard.

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Greenland & Baffin Island

Discover some of the most pristine and jaw-dropping destinations in the Arctic.

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Join us in Brazil as we seek out the elusive Jaguar, the only panthera species found in the Americas.

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Scour Morocco’s “Kasbah country” for bird specialties like the Northern Bald Ibis and soak up the country’s scenic and cultural richness as you go.

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Red-fronted Lemurs are conspicuous denizens of the gallery forest in Berenty Private Reserve.

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