Apex Expeditions photo of Tour Leader Gerald Broddelez

Gerald Broddelez

We live in a wonderful world full of beauty and adventure, and my greatest joy is making sure people learn, and have the best possible views of the wildlife they came to see!

Spain wildlife tours photo of a Two-tailed Pasha

The Two-Tailed Pasha is found throughout Africa and the Mediterranean, usually near Strawberry Trees. It’s one of Europe’s biggest and prettiest butterflies. Its underwings make this butterfly so colorful and special!

Apex Expedition Leader Gerald Broddelez with a Pangolin

While in Ghana’s Ankasa National Park, I was lucky enough to find this nocturnal and arboreal Tree Pangolin during late afternoon, allowing face to face views! One of the most threatened species on Earth, not much is known about their lifestyle!

Spain tours image of Escalera Bats

This new species of bat, the Escalera Bat, was only discovered a few years ago in a small area in Southern Spain. Proof that new discoveries can still be made even “next door".

South Africa safari image of White Rhino

I was able to participate in a White Rhino darting/tagging program in South Africa. A microchip was planted into the horn and DNA and blood samples taken to help the species survival in the wild.

Expedition Leader Gerald Broddelez

Gerald has been leading wildlife-focused expeditions to some of the planet’s most rewarding destinations for over 30 years. As a veteran Expedition Leader and lecturer on expedition ships, Gerald has travelled on all the world’s oceans, spending most of his time in the high Arctic, Antarctic and Polynesia. His life-long passion for nature and conservation has taken him to over 170 countries and every continent, during which he has seen over 8,000 species of birds, over 1,000 mammals and most of Europe’s butterflies. Gerald also helped produce natural history documentaries, both as a cameraman and a writer, for Belgian, British and Azorean television networks. In recent years, Gerald has also been involved in field training courses for nature guides, working closely with local tourism boards in several European counties. Belgium is home and in addition to speaking his first languages of French and Flemish, he is also fluent in English, German, and Spanish.

A trip with Gerald is always a pleasure—superbly organized, with fantastic wildlife experiences accompanied by his great humor.

--Jane M., England

Gerald's Expeditions

Western Mongolia (September 23 – October 9, 2021) green arrow linking to Western Mongolia

Witness the magnificent Golden Eagle Festival, stay in traditional ger camps, search for wild horses, and track Snow Leopards in the lower-altitude Altai Mountains.

China: Sichuan & Tibetan Plateau (October 12–25, 2021) green arrow linking to China: Sichuan & Tibetan Plateau

Search the bamboo forests and alpine grasslands of China’s Sichuan province for Red Panda, Pallas’s Cat and fabulous pheasants.

Amazonian Brazil (June 2 – 18, 2022) green arrow linking to Amazonian Brazil

Cruise deep into the heart of the Amazon from Manaus to Santarém at the peak of the annual flood, searching for rare and sought-after primates and birds.

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